Self Storage Insurance

Protecting Your Valuables

Why Bader Company?

Bader Company was specially designed to provide self-storage customers with low-cost protection for their goods while in storage.

Often, customers who store their goods are moving and are between homes. 

As a result, they may not have a homeowner’s, renter’s, or other insurance policy in effect to protect their stored goods. 

Even when they do, these policies often restrict the amount of coverage for goods stored away from the insured’s residence.

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How to File a Claim

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Ensure Your Valuables are Safe

If your valuables are at risk of sustaining further damage, take necessary precautions to protect them without putting yourself or others in harm’s way. Also, tell the facility manager about your loss.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of your storage space and any damage your items may have sustained. Don’t throw away any damaged property until you speak with a claims adjuster.

Contact Police (if Applicable)

If a criminal act appears to have taken place, such as vandalism or burglary, contact local police department to file a police report.

File a Claim

Call a Bader customer service representative toll-free at 855-805-7433 or click the button below to file a claim online.

Protect your goods in storage

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Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen as the result of natural disasters, weather, and other events beyond anyone’s control. 

Protecting your stored goods from such losses is your responsibility. While precautions are taken to provide you with a safe and secure storage environment, your self-storage facility is not responsible for losses that may occur. 

For that reason, we offer Bader Company – an inexpensive, optional protection plan to safeguard your stored goods.